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The 2015 Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament. 


Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt 21st - 22nd February 2015

The 8th Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament was held over the weekend 21st - 22nd February 2015. Without being too clichéd about it, it was even better than our previous ones!

The highlight of the event was the Grail of Chivalry World Invitational Jousting Tournament which always features some of the best local and international jousters in the world. This year our line up was a former Harcourt Park tournament winner and popular Australian jouster Rod Walker. Rod has competed at every Harcourt Park Tournament apart from one. Joining Rod in a line up of some of the best jousters in the world were: Anders Fernstedt from Sweden, Andrew McKinnon from Australia, Gunner Cederberg from Sweden, John King from New Zealand, L Dale Walter from the USA, Sarah Hay from Australia and Vikki Subritzky from New Zealand. This was Gunnar and Dale's first time at the event. The others are all past veterans and for Anders this was his 5th Harcourt Park.

The jousting tournament was a bit different from previous ones in that it was a 14th Century Period Joust. The 14th century was the high point of the jousting era with a great deal of development both in terms of armour and also the tournament itself as it developed from a war game into a sport. We were very excited about this change as it is our group's period of interest and we have wanted to do a specific 14th century joust for a long time. 

Andrew Photo 1 - Dale and Simon.jpg

Alongside the Jousting we also featured our usual other equestrian displays of Skill-at-Arms and Mounted Melee.

While jousting was the main tournament sport, other activities were also common at medieval fairs and tournaments. Combat on Foot was another popular tournament event and we are proud to announce that we also hosted the inaugural Pacific Cup which featured full contact armoured combat. We had displays of this exciting new international sport at Harcourt Park 2013 where it proved to be very popular with our audience. This year it was even more more harder-hitting. In the last few years New Zealand teams have batted above their weight at international competitions in Europe. 

Andrew Photo 38

Our old favorites were also part of the event. This included our popular display of Medieval Battle and our individual Medieval Martial Arts competition which featured 3 events - dagger fighting, sword and small shield and long sword. We also ran our Junior Sword Fighting competition featuring the Order of the Boar's Knight School students in association with the Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy.

Archery was also a popular medieval pastime and it is enjoying a modern revival thanks to films like the "Hunger Games". This year we set up a dedicated archery range adjacent to our main display area so we could feature more archery events including 'have a go' public participation. There was also our popular Medieval Archery Competitions and Displays that featured some of the best traditional longbow archers in New Zealand.

The main purpose of our events os to transport you back in time to experience sports and activities that were as popular to our ancestors as rugby and medieval sports are to us today. In order to create a medieval atmosphere, we again recreated a Medieval Tent Village around our main display area. In the medieval village were displays of medieval crafts, cooking, every life life and other common activities portrayed by New Zealand's best 'living history' re-enactors.

The fantastic photos here were taken by our official photographer - You can order photos from the 2013 event and the 2015 event here: - ATPhoto.


Event Details

Date: 21st & 22nd February 2015
Where: Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt.

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Free Parking:

In sports fields off Norbett Street, Upper Hutt (next to Harcourt Park).

Entry Costs (per day):

Buy Tickets in advance through EventFinder 

  • $12 Adults
  • $8 Childen under 16 (under 5's are free)
  • $30 Family (2 Adults and 2 Children)

Or Pay at the Gate:

  • $15 Adults
  • $10 Children (under 5 are free)
  • $40 Family (2 Adults and 2 Children)

Main Arena Time Table: 

0900: Gates open to Public. Warm Ups 
1000: Mounted Skill-at-arms/Melee
1100: Medieval Battle Display
1130: Pacific Cup
1300: Medieval Battle Display
1330: Longbow Display
1400: Pacific Cup
1530: Medival Battle or Pacific Cup
1600: Prize Giving (Sunday only)

Timetable is for both Saturday/Sunday.

Formal close of each day is around 1600 - 1630

In addition to the above Main Arena Timetable, other displays of medieval combat will be taking place in the Village Arena and the Archery Range.


No dogs allowed (dogs and horses do not mix!)

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