Cavalry Re-enactment in New Zealand

The weapons are real. The action is real.

From the full force, full contact medieval joust to the discipline and grit of the early 20th century New Zealand Mounted Rifles, The Order of the Boar is New Zealand’s own cavalry re-enactment group.

We are a non-profit group that specialises in recreating various aspects of history emphasising the role of the horse and rider. We portray our activities at public displays throughout New Zealand in support of community events and charitable fund raisers. Our flagship event is our own Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament which we hold every two years in Upper Hutt. 

While we have a particular emphasis on the medieval period, we also portray the role of the horse in military history. So in addition to the medieval period, we also portray 16th Century Border Reivers and First World War New Zealand Mounted Rifles.

We pay particular attention to horse welfare while also portraying our activities as historically accurate as possible.

We are also well known both locally and internationally as one of the pioneers  in rediscovering the art of medieval jousting and its development as a modern sport both in New Zealand and around the world.  

The Red Knight

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The Red Knight is on on-line shop for New Zealanders who want to buy good quality reproductions of medieva larmour and other historically inspired items at a fair price.

The Red Knight is our main sponsor and proceeds from the Red Knight go towards helping to fund our team as well as helping us put on our public displays.   

Our featured product this month is a dark ages/medieval drinking horn with brass fittings including a lion headed finial. The Red Knight stocks a wide range of drinking horns including plain and decorated medium sized horns like this one. If you would like further information on this popular product range please visit here.    



News: April 2015

It has been a very busy few months for us in the aftermath of the Harcourt Park tournament so apologies for not updating this sute sooner. The site will be updated with new images from Harcourt Park and news of our actvities going forward soon!

Sarah Hay wins the Harcourt Park Jousting Tournament!

Full Story Here

Photos and Event Videos Soon!

Upcoming Events

29th March - Goblin Hunters at Caterton

Late May - Blacktown Medieval Faire (Australia)

Mid September - St Ives Tournament (Sydney, Australia)

Order of the Boar Members will be attending these events.

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Harcourt Park 2013




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